Slaine – No Validation Needed

Slaine -No Validation Needed

With countless movies, music projects, and group affiliations you have to sit back and take a breath with Slaine’s body of work. This issue was a major test for me as a journalist of a young publication since pushing myself into the Hip Hop world. This magazine is filled with innovators, trend setters, and the foundation that Hip Hop was built on. It was a statement that Slaine blessed me with over the phone interview that changed the whole approach to this truly iconic edition. Slaine stated that everything in his career clicked when he realized that others’ validation was inconsequential to the work he was putting in. Slaine worked for every accomplishment and endured demons along the way, giving everything he had to the production of a quality product that came with personal validation. When we as individuals start doing what we know we are fully capable of it trumps other’s opinions.

Slaine and I spoke on the golden eras of the past and the new technological era that has taken the world by storm. He stated that everything changed, but technology has forced artists to change their approach to music all together. Slaine even went as far as to insure me that he is fully aware how to check and read an email with a chuckle. He would go deeper into the topic saying essentially the whole game has been flipped on its ass as many of these Icons have stated and that record deals were the golden era’s end game, where now you are considered a highly successful musician if you can distribute units independently.

Slaine is without a doubt street smart and like us all not free of the personal hardships of the world to some extent. The most captivating part of it all is how uberly business grounded Slaine is as an artist. He has been and is well aware that the artists with longevity are the one’s able to branch out with their art and use it to diversify their personal portfolio. He had this knowledge before the transition of the times, making himself marketable as an actor and musician. I really believe it is a testimony of his ability to focus on himself as an artist instead of others opinions and approvals.


Slaine played a role of a local drug dealer named Hondo in the recently released movie “Let Me Make You a Martyr” starring Marilyn Manson, Mark Boone Junior from the hit series Sons of Anarchy, Sam Quartin, Niko Nicotera, and more. Slaine will be casted in the movie “Wheelman” beside Caitlin Carmichael, Frank Grillo, and Garret Dillahunt scheduled to be released next summer. The young Boston Mass rapper with the gritty Irish presence built a huge acting portfolio with movies like “Gone Baby Gone” starring Casey Affleck and Morgan Freeman, “The Town” with Ben Affleck, “Killing Them Softly” with Brad Pitt and “Central Intelligence” with Kevin Hart and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Getting close to a dozen acting releases in major motion pictures, the rapper has pretty much found the recipe to balance and create across a wide spectrum of mediums, such as music and acting. I think it is exactly why the statement “No Validation Needed” could very well be a defining statement in his career because anyone can create music or try to act but it takes a different kind of person all together to truly be an entertainer, a personal critic, a move planner and put it all together to execute the plan.

I just realized this is definitely going to have to be a three pager and I’m going to hope that we can have some more interesting follow ups as well. I really enjoyed the knowledge I was presented with this interview. If you think Slaine the rapper is a busy actor, shit we haven’t even touched on La Coka Nostra, Slaine the solo artist, and the projects being worked out as we speak with great artists like Termanology, now that Statik Selektah and Slaine are cool.

I say impeccable work ethic at the end of the day; I say an example to a generation of artists, hustlers and working men/women giving hope. An example that there is opportunity in a world that continuously tries to knock us all down in our American Dreams, but sometimes we just need a blowjob and a slice of pizza.

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Slaine is a part of two golden eras that brought us strong Hip Hop lyrics and elements first releasing “The White Man Is the Devil Vol 1” in 2005 but when you research on line he has mixtapes and collaborations that span across two decades forming an amazing catalog of music. The last solo project “Slaine Is Dead” was released in 2016 which is going to be followed by a highly anticipated sequel solo release. Slaine is hooking up with Termanology to produce a title album called “Anti-Hero” and to top it all off there will be another edition to the La Coka Nostra brand that we have all grown to love and trust around November.

Let’s be clear Slaine’s persistence was also a key factor to his successful career. He began to lay down the hierarchical transition of a successful actor and musician early in his youth. From finding his passion and crafting his skills throughout the ages of 9 to 18, then 18 to 26 hitting every stage as often as he could, and finally starting what is now his career after the 20 years of initial development. Slaine sure did come a long way from the boy that started writing songs after hearing another Iconic group we know, the Beastie Boys. Being surrounded by so many influential talents, and being given direction along the way from legendary artist like Sean Price, Edo O.G., DJ Premier, and more the growth came and you can say Slaine found his permanent home in the studio and on the silver screen. Moving to New York and performing for the first time at Bobbito’s open mic night at the Nuyorican would be an experience that helped to open his eyes and doors.

If you the reader learn nothing else from this article, I hope you grasp that Slaine’s success came from hard work, personal attention to detail, desire to improve to the highest quality, and a sense of self validation that will always trump anyone’s personal opinions. When you have personal validation with a higher standard there is “No Validation Needed”.

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