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Myster DL is a producer, DJ, rapper, advocate, and most of all one hell of a film director. His vast connections in the Hip Hop industry have allowed him to use his skills to produce quality documentaries, films, and music videos. The ILL Mannered Films brand started with a 12 year old DJ and Myster DL explained it would be a series of events that would catapult him into the film world. The entrance into the film world would be the jet fuel he needed to start his lucrative career along with the friendship he made along the way. He would create a brand that all his abilities would have a home, we all know it as ILL Mannered Films.

It would take an organic situation; I mean the stars had aligned perfectly for Myster DL. This situation would take an inspiring video/film producer to one that is in high demand amongst the Hip Hop legendary scene.  It would be a video shoot with some friends that would be the break needed for Myster DL, the director hired to produce the film would be a no show, and Myster DL stepped to the plate and said, I can make this happen.

With his iMovie program on his computer and the knowledge he possessed for detail he would produce a video that would open doors for more work. When I say open doors the next 4 projects which include Sean Price member of the Boot Camp Clik and close association with Smif-N-Wessun who worked with artist like Tupac, Heltah Skeltah and more combined with Cormega who has worked with names like Nas, Capone, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang and more, I think you understand those projects significance. These initial productions would push him from being an inspiring producer into a highly demanded film and video producer.

Myster DL talked about the climb and if he had one thing that made it possible it was his ability to stay on course with the technology that presented itself in the world. The path that motion pictures and video took to HD did not go unnoticed and it was one that was noticed in its infancy. He was consciously aware of the change in times with a real-time perception so as the changes occurred he was aware his equipment and his approach had to change with it. Knowing that HD quality would take the film world by storm he prepared to ensure that ILL Mannered Films was right on board to go there as well.

With films like “A Sea Of Green”, “As Thick As Thieves” coming soon, and video/documentaries on all your favorite Hip Hop artists, he is one that is all about the work. “A Sea Of Green” is a film about Philip Waters who makes a decision to go back to his roots, sell a strain of herb called “The Grim Reefer” which takes him from Lowell MA to California, and wakes up to all the difficulties and drama that comes with a striving drug business. This film really allowed him to be an advocate to the Cannabis world and again open a market for him in the film industry.

Myster DL has really been able to use his creativity to bring quality films and video to the public, he is working on a series titled, “The Weekend Warriors” basically a motley crew of brothers living the party animal lifestyle and we can watch as that lifestyle brings new challenges with each episode.

Myster DL humbly admits that with his hard work and addiction to quality, he counts most of his close friends in his top ten rappers of all times, besides a few slots saved for Scarface and Busta Rhymes, but he hopes to work with both of them in the future to some capacity as well as Juicy J.  He has worked alongside 60 plus Iconic legends and feels it is a testimony to having a work ethic on both sides of the plate.

Myster DL is working on his 13th studio album titled, “Smoke Signals” with artist like Kool G Rap, General Steele from Smif-N-Wessun, Cypress Hill, and more.  “Smoke Signals” is going to be an album with a stacked track list with all your favorite Hip Hop legends infused.

Muddy Beatz and Black Hoodie Enterprize would like to thank Myster DL for the support he has shown with the creation of this edition. He has been a crucial element visually and with his connection to well-known legends he has truly made this Iconic Edition absolutely what it is ICONIC.

All editions can be purchased in paper or digital version at

I hope that we will continue to work side by side in some capacity to promote the futures of both brands and know that there will always be a magazine media outlet for the future for ILL Mannered Films.

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