MC Shan – Bars Over Bullshit


When I received the call from my homie HBizzle and he told me he had reached out to MC Shan for the Iconic Edition, I was not overly optimistic that we would get a response from this larger than life pioneer of the Hip Hop culture. I remember praying that night that he would get a response back because this was MC Shan from Queensbridge, “The Bridge”, “Legendary Beef with KRS-One”, Beat Biter, Juice Crew, cousin to Marley Marl, “Informer with Snow, and a real no shit, no reservation, tell you how it is OG. MC Shan for that I can never thank you enough for keeping it 1000 with me, you didn’t hesitate to give me a shot.

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Slaine – No Validation Needed

Slaine -No Validation Needed

With countless movies, music projects, and group affiliations you have to sit back and take a breath with Slaine’s body of work. This issue was a major test for me as a journalist of a young publication since pushing myself into the Hip Hop world. This magazine is filled with innovators, trend setters, and the foundation that Hip Hop was built on. It was a statement that Slaine blessed me with over the phone interview that changed the whole approach to this truly iconic edition. Slaine stated that everything in his career clicked when he realized that others’ validation was inconsequential to the work he was putting in. Slaine worked for every accomplishment and endured demons along the way, giving everything he had to the production of a quality product that came with personal validation. When we as individuals start doing what we know we are fully capable of it trumps other’s opinions.

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Big Shug – Family Before Everything

Big Shug the actor, the rapper, the singer, holds no comparison to the family man and he will tell you that was all by design. Big Shug stated and I quote, “It was always more important to be a father than it ever was to be an artist.” I believe that Big Shug is one of the few that have found the recipe to be both with solo albums, the iconic Gang Starr albums, and his appearances in major motion pictures, such as “The Heat” starring Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy, the HBO film “Clear History”, the box office smash “Black Mass” with Johnny Depp/Kevin Bacon/Dakota Johnston, and “In Town” with Ben Affleck/Jeremy Renner/Slaine.

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Masta Ace – Shakespearean MC

This particular article was a visual journey of the mind, that at the end of the day would shine light to how truly legendary this ICONIC Hip Hop storyteller is as a MC. So I hit the pool with a couple of drinks and a Masta Ace playlist, it started with the Masta Ace Incorporated albums “SlaughtaHouse (1993)” and “Sittin On Chrome (1995)” moving directly into his solo albums “Take A Look Around (1990)”, “Disposable Arts (2001)”, “A Long Hot Summer (2004)”, and finally “The Falling Season (2016)” each educating me and awakening the Hip Hop fan that has been jaded by the present day world and giving me colors to the masterpiece that Masta Ace has painted in his career.

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Myster DL – ILL Mannered Films


Myster DL is a producer, DJ, rapper, advocate, and most of all one hell of a film director. His vast connections in the Hip Hop industry have allowed him to use his skills to produce quality documentaries, films, and music videos. The ILL Mannered Films brand started with a 12 year old DJ and Myster DL explained it would be a series of events that would catapult him into the film world. The entrance into the film world would be the jet fuel he needed to start his lucrative career along with the friendship he made along the way. He would create a brand that all his abilities would have a home, we all know it as ILL Mannered Films.

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DJ Lethal – Iced By Lethal

When getting this opportunity, I approached it with maybe a plan that could have been better. I think if DJ Lethal was anywhere in my current locality he would have pelted me with two hands full of ice. Still I have to admit it was one hell of an interview. I asked him how he was doing and he responded sitting back enjoying a fatty and we pressed on.

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Morgan – Life At A Fast Pace

Morgan didn’t grow up with a white picket fence; instead she grew up with parents who struggled with addiction and money. She wasn’t your average girl, Morgan admitted she didn’t know anything about style or make up. She struggled with herself until she started working at a very iconic sports bar out of Cartersville Georgia.

There she would find herself. Once she figured out who she was, she was finally set. Since then, she has started building her own motorcycle, started back painting and learned to weld.

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MC Iye – Fill Up The Bank

MC Iye was born in Chicago, Illinois but would grow up and receive his Hip Hop education in the 615, Nashville, TN. At the age of 13 MC Iye would cut his first track on a PlayStation microphone over top of Lil Wayne’s “Single” beat.  That is when he knew rapping was for him and from that point on nothing would stop his pursuit of music. The lifestyle of a rap musician comes with guaranteed bumps in the proverbial road, but the young MC has a lifetime of experiences in a short amount of time.

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Klassic Klick – Our Story

What some people are calling the next big thing coming out of Kentucky since Nappy Roots, is the three man group Klassic Klick. They are making noise in the independent music scene and in the bluegrass state. Trainwreck Kenny, Slim Pickenz, and The Prophet have intertwined the nappy movement with their own unique styles to give you their own story or you can say “Our Story”.

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Betrayl Ace Diamond Don

Betrayl Ace Diamond Don

Betrayl’s interview was based on trust, FAM, and code. Betrayl was gaining an incredible buzz from back dated material that I researched and had the pleasure of listening to. With great projects like “Booda Blessed”, “Doing It My Way” presented by DJ Scarface and Grimeyville INC, “The Problem And The Answer” hosted by DJ Scarface, “Ace Diamond Don I” and “Ace Diamond Don II”.

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