Southern Country Volume 7 “The Mud Digger King Edition”

Southern Country Volume 7

(Hosted By Lenny Copper)

Mud Digger King Edition

Click the cover to download another epic edition to the Southern Country mixtape series. Another great edition hosted by the Mud Digger King himself and we here at MuddyBeatz are so thankful for another opportunity to be the first to exclusively release this new edition. Southern Country and MuddyBeatz have a great reputation for supporting the country rap and independent hip hop scenes straight out of the Carolina’s.

MuddyBeatz with Southern Country are the front runners for great promotional services in the south and beyond with ties to several genres such as country rap, country, hip hop, and more. Enough talking from me click the picture, download, blast at loud volumes and enjoy. Merry Christmas and always whether in the country or the street #GetMuddy. Southern Country 7 available exclusively brought to you by MuddyBeatz.

~Ramrod Aka RamrodDaBrain

Click Cover Below To Download Free SCM 7 (Hosted By Lenny Cooper)! Exclusively brought to you by MuddyBeatz

Mud Digger

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EXCLUSIVE RELEASE – Frankie Grey (Burn Me Down)

MuddyBeatz Exclusive Video Release

Frankie Grey – Burn Me Down

Frankie Grey has blessed us with an exclusive video release of his song “Burn Me Down”. So are you ready, naw you are not ready to burn it down. I know you are going to dig it because I do. It is not your typical country rap, it is a blend of hip hop and a laid back country almost R&B overtones. This young man will also be in the first edition of 2018 with the cover artist, Justin Time of the Redneck Rave. Share and go like his


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Big Chuk – All I Done Been Thru

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After all Big Chuk has been through he has found a home that truly fits his needs as one of the top and prominent country rap artist. Dammit Boy Entertainment along with Big Chuk have crafted an album that guarantees to bring out the versatility and powerful lyricism we all have grown to expect from him with so much more.

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Terminally Skilled – Interview with Contagious

Terminally Skilled – An Interview With Contagious

So give me a little background on how you got started musically and feel free to elaborate as if we are in a normal conversation, this will be the easiest interview you have ever done.

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Music has really been a part of life for me since as far back as I can remember. My Uncle Eric was a drummer in a band and had a bad ass drum set in my grandma’s basement when I was little. Sometimes he would let me try and play around and shit but I knew I was terrible, and he was awesome, so I would get more enjoyment just watching him do his thing.

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Low Keezy – The Xplanation

Low Keezy

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Low Keezy is an artist from Atlanta, Georgia who knows all too well about the struggles of life and bumps that come with a hard life. As a child he grew up in a home where his mother was addicted to crack and his father who was a dealer left the home when he was only 6 years old. His mom’s boyfriend afterwards would burn down the home that they were living in as well. Low Keezy would use these things as motivation for his music career.

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Rebel Tea – Tradition And The Present Collide

Rebel Tea

Rebel Tea Traditional Country meets Hip Hop

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I got an opportunity to hear and get to know Rebel Tea at a show and was really impressed with his performance, composure, and demeanor. He beamed confidence with not only his music but who he was as a person and it resonated throughout the crowd that was there that night. I say this because he was honestly the only country rapper at the show that night and just his confidence alone along with one hell of a performance you could see someone that truly knew who he was as an artist.

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Big Bone – The Monsta

Big Bone

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Big Bone will you tell that it did not take long for him to become a monsta in his youth and it would be the life that kept him in and out of the system. His song hook states, “I’m a monsta, something like a bad dream” is a narrative to a past not the present entirely. It would take his wife Trisha and his children to help him find the grounding stability the monsta needed and point him toward a full comment for his passion and love for music.

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Lil Gator – Straight Out The Backwoods

Lil Gator

Lil Gator – Straight Out The Backwoods

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Lil Gator has taken his love for music and incorporated it with the things he holds dear in his life. Influenced by Colt Ford and his love for hunting, fishing, mud, and big trucks he would step right in combining it all with his passion for music. The Kiln, Mississippi country boy found a home with country rap and started Muddy Lyfe Entertainment.

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MC Shan – Bars Over Bullshit


When I received the call from my homie HBizzle and he told me he had reached out to MC Shan for the Iconic Edition, I was not overly optimistic that we would get a response from this larger than life pioneer of the Hip Hop culture. I remember praying that night that he would get a response back because this was MC Shan from Queensbridge, “The Bridge”, “Legendary Beef with KRS-One”, Beat Biter, Juice Crew, cousin to Marley Marl, “Informer with Snow, and a real no shit, no reservation, tell you how it is OG. MC Shan for that I can never thank you enough for keeping it 1000 with me, you didn’t hesitate to give me a shot.

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Slaine – No Validation Needed

Slaine -No Validation Needed

With countless movies, music projects, and group affiliations you have to sit back and take a breath with Slaine’s body of work. This issue was a major test for me as a journalist of a young publication since pushing myself into the Hip Hop world. This magazine is filled with innovators, trend setters, and the foundation that Hip Hop was built on. It was a statement that Slaine blessed me with over the phone interview that changed the whole approach to this truly iconic edition. Slaine stated that everything in his career clicked when he realized that others’ validation was inconsequential to the work he was putting in. Slaine worked for every accomplishment and endured demons along the way, giving everything he had to the production of a quality product that came with personal validation. When we as individuals start doing what we know we are fully capable of it trumps other’s opinions.

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