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When I received the call from my homie HBizzle and he told me he had reached out to MC Shan for the Iconic Edition, I was not overly optimistic that we would get a response from this larger than life pioneer of the Hip Hop culture. I remember praying that night that he would get a response back because this was MC Shan from Queensbridge, “The Bridge”, “Legendary Beef with KRS-One”, Beat Biter, Juice Crew, cousin to Marley Marl, “Informer with Snow, and a real no shit, no reservation, tell you how it is OG. MC Shan for that I can never thank you enough for keeping it 1000 with me, you didn’t hesitate to give me a shot.

Also MC Shan was scheduled to release another album shortly before the time of this magazine release titled, “Bars Over Bullshit” so the timing was absolutely perfect. HB hit me up to tell me it was on and I remember just how honored I was that day to receive some real education over the phone with Shan. Once you talk to MC Shan you instantly know that this man not only raps about the bridge, he was and is still a builder of many bridges.

I have to admit I “HAD” a game plan for this phone interview but as a Hip Hop enthusiast I wanted to hear the OGs story of the start, the bridge, his opinion of today’s Hip Hop, his beef with KRS-One and LL Cool J, and anything he would be willing to talk about. I first asked MC Shan what moved him toward music as a child. MC Shan explained that his mother had music playing in the home regularly with great artists like “Harold and The Blue Notes”.

See this is where I went completely fell off the program, I had a legend I idolized as a child growing up with old school Hip Hop on the phone and my mind went blank. Yeah I asked him what was his opinion of Hip Hop today and with MC Shan you may need to watch out what you ask cuz he is absolutely one of the realest MCs I have ever had the opportunity to interview.

MC Shan and I started talking about the digital age, the commercialization of Hip Hop, the lack of tangible components, and the industry pushing the Hip Hop toward a portrait of ratchetness. This is where I turned into the kid listening to old school instantly; he spoke of the feel of the knobs, sound of analog recordings, the feel of the old school studio, and the footwork that went behind being an artist. MC Shan talked about the internet turning millions of musicians into artist fighting for crumbs and the transition to visual media instead of lyrical skills. With drugs more powerful, American media brainwashing, industry supporting the ratchetness, MC Shan gave me some real OG advice out of nowhere.

He told me that we are responsible for making sure our readers, listeners, children and grandkids are aware of it all so they will be prepared to combat the craziness. I realized that I too am guilty of sheltering and protecting my readers and kid’s minds by keeping them from the truth of society in some ways that they eventually will have to deal with regardless. That portion of the conversation really hit home to me as a journalist, writer, and father so have to thank the OG for that.

With great songs like “The Bridge”, “Feed The World”, and many, many more MC Shan is a veteran that has been commanding the microphone for over two decades. His legacy has influenced many talented MCs and has opened the doors for other Masters of Ceremonies to try the veteran.

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The bridge wars no matter what side you look at it from, was the catalyst to east coast Hip Hop dominance. Without MC Shan and his brothers from the Juice Crew and the Bronx based Boogie Down Productions with KRS-One the genre of Hip Hop would look very different than what we as fans have grown to love. The Juice Crew alone was a catapult to many careers in Hip Hop. Below are lists of its members.

“Bars Over Bullshit” is a must have album with a traditional Hip Hop sounds infused with Rock and Hip Hop elements of the present. MC Shan is without a doubt a pioneer and icon still able to do it all with the same passion and flare that without a doubt is his own. No matter the path that Hip Hop takes in the future, none of it would be possible without the blueprint this Queensbridge rapper built. This interview was an opportunity of a lifetime for a Hip Hop fanatic like myself and if you got to write bars don’t come with bullshit. Thanks Again MC Shan hope to do a follow-up soon when the next project comes out.

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