Low Keezy – The Xplanation

Low Keezy

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Low Keezy is an artist from Atlanta, Georgia who knows all too well about the struggles of life and bumps that come with a hard life. As a child he grew up in a home where his mother was addicted to crack and his father who was a dealer left the home when he was only 6 years old. His mom’s boyfriend afterwards would burn down the home that they were living in as well. Low Keezy would use these things as motivation for his music career.

His mother got clean for last 10 years of her life, and she would be supportive and take opportunities to let her son know just how proud she was of his music career and the man he had become. She was a singer in a band throughout her life and Low Keezy states that had a powerful influence on his passion for music.

He hit a bump in the road after being incarcerated in 2009. Low Keezy stated that at the point of his incarceration the way music was pushed out to the masses was on the street and out of the trunks of cars.

The artist would get out prison to find everything flipped on its ass, social media was booming and Low Keezy now had a tool to reach the masses right at his finger tips and he was going to ensure he used it to his full advantage. He also started a job at a local restaurant washing dishes and would put everything he had into being the best employee he could and move up to manager, eventually working himself into the district manager position.

Working with Dark South Records the artist has focused on the social media buzz and the overall visuals that come along with it. With two great mixtapes like #TheTakeOver and IAmLowKeezy the artist was off to the races, getting a fan base together in a totally different way then he started. Low Keezy also released a documentary move titled “Strive”.

The artist is currently working with Dammit Boy Entertainment’s artist Tinn Man on an album titled “City Meets Country” which will have a split cover of the two. Low Keezy is preparing to drop an album titled “Xplanation” which is geared to be an album that will encompass lyrically everything according to the Atlanta rapper. He states next month this album will explain it all, it will be the full “Xplanation”.

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