Klassic Klick – Our Story

What some people are calling the next big thing coming out of Kentucky since Nappy Roots, is the three man group Klassic Klick. They are making noise in the independent music scene and in the bluegrass state. Trainwreck Kenny, Slim Pickenz, and The Prophet have intertwined the nappy movement with their own unique styles to give you their own story or you can say “Our Story”.

Still Struggling

The group explains that pursuing their dreams has and continues to be a struggle, but together they all bring valuable pieces to the table to have the success they hope will come with music.


Trainwreck Kenny originally from Mississippi will tell you that he came from nothing and started writing, producing, and making beats out of necessity. He started out with a group known as Soulja Made out of Mississippi and eventually would go solo, recording 2 mixtapes and an album.

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Trainwreck states the life he has taken pushing for his music career was filled with lots of bologna sandwiches and sacrifices. Selling beats and moving to Kentucky would be a move that helped strengthen the group’s teamwork and three is always better than one.

Klassic Klick – Go Hard or Go Home

Slim Pickenz the older of the two brothers in the group from Ohio would start creating music in the basement and eventually work without lights in a trailer. All struggles with striving musicians trying to make the dream on their own. The realest statement ever said was teamwork makes the dream work and that is what Klassic Klick is doing; making the dream work. Slim Pickenz is currently working on an EP with Dammit Boy Entertainment.

The Prophet the younger brother of Slim Pickenz really started rapping in the 9th grade. The Prophet envisioned his music career around the 5th or 6th grade. Since the start it has been a continuous focus of the craft and his personal progression as an artist.

I suggest you take the time to check out the new video “Still Struggling” which is already close to 30,000 views in less than a week. The video was produced in house by Trainwreck Kenny and is an absolutely amazing presentation with a superior track. Klassic Klick is a group that still holds on to the roots of Hip Hop with a distinct story and a powerful message that anyone can relate to.

Klassic Klick would like to thank their sponsors Earth Apparel and Design for believing and supporting their musical dreams.

Follow Klassic Klick on Facebook, Reverbnation Nation, Soundcloud, and go check them out on Spotify, CD Baby, and more. Whatever you do, keep your eyes open for a group that has the skills, but even more importantly, the heart to succeed. That is the key to delivering a message that the world needs to hear.

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