Issue # 18 Big Chuk Edition is Here at Muddy Beatz Magazine™

w/ Terminally Skilled, Big Bone, Low Keezy, Rebel Tea, and Lil Gator.


Issue # 17 Iconic Edition is Here at Muddy Beatz Magazine™

Go get your copy of MC Shan – Bars Over Bullshit and head over to the Music Articles Tab and read on a huge lineup of Icons of Hip Hop!

Slaine VS Termanology – AntiHero Coming Soon!


Check out Family Over Everything, The Full Article over at the Music Articles!

Thanks To Myster DL (ILL Mannered Films) for the awesome pictures and visuals that are scattered throughout this current Iconic Edition! Click to logo to connect on Facebook.


Download Southern Country 6.5 Exclusively Here!! Click The Album Cover

Meet Morgan…. If anyone interested in having her for a photo shoot they can email her at morgan.mango95@gmail.com
Also follow on Instagram….. ariel_disaster_

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